These downloads consist only of the source code. I suppose they are only of interest for people who know how to get them running. In other cases, drop me a line!
Name Description Language Link
Coinflip Flips a coin! C coinflip-1.0.tar.gz
Dict Searches the Web for German tanslations for nouns. Java Dict.jar
Hangman Solver Find solutions for hangman game problems. The script requires dictionary files in /usr/share/dict. Bash Shell
Machines Simulates an abstract register-machine and interpretes GOTO-programmes. JavaScript ma.html
PngInfo Displays technical information about PNG graphics files such as header, datastream structure and textual data. C++ PngInfo.tar.bz2
Shell Music Shell script that plays melodies using the system beeper. Bash musik
Simplex Solves linear programs using the dual simplex method. R dsimplex.R
Sloth IRC Bot with calculator functionality (listens to commands like !sloth rechne 123+4!). Perl
Wersn Linux command line tool that finds the username associated to a given UID. C wersn.c
Whodo Shows what logged on users are currently running. Shell & AWK whodo